Happy holidays from me to you

I hope you’re having an amazing holiday season!  Ms Olivia is more than aware that sometimes holidays and family time can be stressful for you so feel free to reach out to me on email: olivia AT enchantrixempire.com.

Here’s your audio of this holiday blog post.

I’m always happy to say Hi in email, schedule appointments, and things like that.  Just remember, if you want my undivided, explicit attention in the fantasy of your choice, that IS considered a phone sex session.  We can do email sessions if you have limited private time over the holiday.

THANK YOU from Olivia

Many of you send gifts, tips and tributes to spoil me.  Thank you!  I cherish each gift and virtual bouquet — these are such nice treats and always a surprise.

Surprises in the New Year

There are all sorts of fun, naughty things going on behind the scenes at LDW.  You’ll hear more about this in the next month or so.  For now, think of this as a form of tease and denial for your mind.  ~laughs~ Ohhhhh and speaking of tease and denial, do you follow my tumblr?  Check out Phone Sex Mistress Olivia on tumblr.

Have a great holiday,

Ms Olivia