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A Sex toy is a perfect gift!

What’s on YOUR gift list or wish list?  ~grinz~  If you want something really naughty, why not try a sex toy!  Here’s a free erotic audio about his and hers sex toy shopping.  ENJOY!

Do you have sex toys?

What are some of your favorite sex toys?  I know many of you already have at least one.  This is a perfect time to go shopping for more!  ~smiles~


If you want to be multi-orgasmic, then you should try prostate milking and incorporate a sex toy designed to hit the male G-spot.  Prostate orgasms are amazing!  And, one of the advantages is that you don’t ‘cum and go’ meaning you’re not sleepy afterwards!  ~grinz~  You continue to stay hard and available for all sorts of sexy play from your Femdom Mistress.

Phone Sex and Sex Toys

If you already have sex toys, let’s use them in your next call!  ~grinz~  If you want some recommendations I can take you shopping.  Until then, post in the comments section and tell the Experienced Mistress:  What are some of your favorite naughty and fun things?

Ms Olivia