Really now ….. sex is pretty funny isn’t it? ….

The expressions, noises, tastes and all the other accoutrements that go along with the whole business.  I enjoy you, my callers, you are alternately quirky and sexy, funny and sweet and oh so very inventive and I appreciate that too.  When you peel away the  SERIOUSNESS of anything to do with sex….what is left is actually delightfully funny …. and then, beyond the sheer joy of laughing there is another space ….. of intimacy and connection …. a space of hope, longing and wonderment.

In THAT SPACE ….. anything, absolutely anything is possible …. it’s the space of here and gone … the must-be-there but not obvious … like the spaces between the stars.

Hope …. that last item in Pandora’s *box* or jar was HOPE …. after all, when all else flies away …. only hope remains “to promise each of us the good things that fled.”

That promise is what, perhaps leads to the experience of LONGING …. of a memory that has been …. or a dream of what could perhaps be if the seers and sayers are right and quantum reality twists like dreadlocks in the second decade of dreadlocking-ness.

And, if you’ve stumbled clear through that last paragraph then you will probably understand where the wonderment comes in…..the amazement of the generosity of the Human Being being human.

OH my …. that brings me back to the whole delicious humor of the whole thing.  Joy, wonder, laughter is always MY first choice …. sensuality and sex follow in a pretty close second.  And, OFTEN the two are ONE which makes such a perfect combo.

<blows you a kiss tossed over my shoulder>