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humiliation for submissive male

This guy is in for some wicked humiliation.  He just got put in the friend zone?  If you don’t know you’re either an Alpha Male / superior man OR you’ve been living under a rock and are just now hearing the term for what happens to guys with a small cock.

Most women, this Experienced Mistress included, actually LIKE guys with a small cock, BUT …………. just not for fucking sex!  You’re too small.  I can’t feel a tiny cock.  You will do others things for this Mistress.  Sex will not be one of those things. If you get my attention, it will be for small penis humiliation.

Any questions?



Email from phone sex caller

Now to the email question from a guy put into the friend zone.  He’s called phone sex before and he emailed me this comment and question.  I’ll post it and then, in another blog, I’ll comment.  YOU can leave comments here.  BTW, this guy would be put in the friend zone and will end up a cuckold as you can hear in this free sexy audio.


I’m kind of upset with you. No. I’m very upset!

I told you about my hot new girlfriend so you could help me keep her. But when I read your “sensitive guy” blog I felt an overwhelming sense of despair. I want this girl soooo bad. She likes me … I know she does. But I haven’t even tried to bed her because I’m so self conscious, embarrassed and ashamed of my little organ.

Awww, you haven’t even tried to get in her panties?  This doesn’t bode well for you my friend.  ~laughs~  You’ll be able to read more about this tomorrow, look for the continuation of his email and my thoughts but feel free to post your comments here.

Your experienced Mistress,

Ms Olivia