because a cuckold humiliation is FUN!

I didn’t turn him into my cuckold because I wasn’t the Experienced Mistress at that point.

Today, this experience is fodder for a bit of wicked revenge and a fun humiliation story that you can hear in this audio.

My personal experience continues — catch up with part 1, the fake Alpha Male and part 2, Women DO Care About Penis Size.  Now, here’s the rest of my story.

Wet panties

My panties are DRENCHED I was so aroused.  The clothes come off — mine and his. OMG! What??!!!!

This was my first micro dick.

I know some guys that are SMALL. That’s disappoining.  But, this guy is TINY.  I have heels that are bigger than his dick.  I had lots of questions going through my mind.

HOW can he ever get laid with that pin dick?

WHO would want him?  I sure didn’t — not sexually anyway.

If he’s so small he doesn’t even FIT in a pussy is he still a virgin?

Good thing there’s a role for beta males

I never said anything directly about his penis size but I called a girlfriend and told her.  I asked her advice and she said, “Get on the plane and come home!” I wish I knew then that small dicked men make great cuckolds.  

Who knows, if I cuckolded him we might even still be together.  Maybe not.  My adventures in kink, fetish and phone sex probably would make him freak out.  Poor guy. He might be an Alpha professionally but in the bedroom he’s definitely a beta who needs to be trained as a submissive.

Do YOU measure up in the bedroom?

I love confessions … so, confess!  You know my laughter is music to the ears of a guy who is into small penis humiliation!  ~laughs~

Your Experienced Mistress,

Ms Olivia