As a phone sex expert and Experienced Mistress I have a group of men that I can play with and study!  That means I really know what I’m doing in terms of erotic conversations, sexual techniques and finding out what men really want for sexual release.

Reaction from phone sex caller

Plunger boy left a comment on My earlier post about Erotic Humiliation.  In part he said:  “I think, like most, the more we get excited, the more we are willing to do.  The inhibitions go down ….”

What a great comment and it got Me thinking.  (shocking, I know!  LOL)  I know that people who enjoy phone sex also use this as a way to explore sexual fetishes and fantasies that many might not (or MIGHT) want to experience in real life.

Every erotic fantasy I do makes your experience with Me even better

As I talk with a large number of men about personal and intimate topics I am able to have a wealth of information to explore and create an amazing experience for each individual that only gets better with time.

I’m not talking about just the how to ‘do’ sex calls that are exciting but other things that are equally, if not more, important.  Things like the ability to also draw you out to find out what really makes you tick sexually …. really being able to ‘get’ an erotic fantasy is much more than just understanding the particular scene (like conceptually knowing a sexual kink like humiliation or a fetish like orgasm denial).

Is there a link between your hard on and your inhibition level?

::  knowing giggle :: …… You tell Me !!

I know what I know and I say YES !  Using that knowledge I can toy with you to My total enjoyment.  Another caller recently told me, “Wow!  Intense! Amazing!”  And it was for Me also …. I’m really looking forward to our next session.

What this Sensual Domme enjoys

I enjoy experiencing YOU as you’re in that space of amazing sexual excitement and pleasure!  THAT is what gets ME off !

I’d love to hear from YOU about this topic.  As always, you can pick up the phone and talk with Me directly or do a sexy texting session where you get My undivided attention on IM.

And, you KNOW I love comments here, maybe YOU will inspire a blog post of your own!

Ms Olivia