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I’m curious about you!  That’s one of the many reasons why I love to talk with you.  I’m naturally curious.

Difference between curious and intrusive

I often write about privacy issues and phone sex and we have a detailed privacy policy.

I like getting to know as much about you as you’d like to share with Me.  One of the questions I like to ask you when you call Me for your phone sex session is:  “What position are you in?”

My masturbation position

I will often masturbate on My stomach with My elbows propped on a pillow.  As an Experienced Mistress, one of the ways I dominate you is by controlling what your masturbation position.  After all, that’s what a Femdom does, She is a woman who sexually dominates a man.  I’ll often ask you, “What are your favorite positions?”

Masturbating while laying on your bed.

It’s so comfortable when you can lay down and masturbate.  Most men lay down on their back.  This allows the cock to stick straight up.  It’s a great position for easy access to cock and balls and great for an erotic roleplay call when the call is more about the mental images then simply cock stroking techniques.

You might be one of the guys who likes to be on your stomach grinding your penis into the bed. For men who like to wear panties, laying on the stomach is amazing because your penis rubs against the pantie fabric in the most delightful way!

Of course, if you’re a sissy crossdresser, you might be prancing around, fully dressed in your sluttiest attire!

Many men like to masturbate while sitting in a chair.

If you’re in your office, chances are you’re sitting in a chair to stroke.  I’ve noticed that men also tend to sit down for guided masturbation sessions.  When you’re sitting you can be right at the computer to look at My sexy photos *wink*!

Whatever position, masturbating is more fun with company

If you already have favorite positions or want to try some new ones, it’s always more fun to masturbate with this Experienced Mistress!  I might just masturbate with you!  Now, that’s a win-win situation, isn’t it?

So, tell Me, what are some of YOUR favorite positions when you masturbate?

Ms Olivia

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