Your reluctant feminization

At the beginning of your feminization, you have the best time!  You love the clothes and cute fashions.  I decide that I want you even more femme, more girly.  I even decide you’re going to be my sissy bride.

Enjoy the free sissy feminization audio of this Experienced Mistress blog post.

Chastity makes the sissy

Then I notice something troubling: even though the wedding planning is going smoothly, I see you slowing down in your feminization.  Your femme training begins to stagnate. This is unacceptable and something must be done to kick start the process.  I think it’s time for sissy chastity to solidify the feminization process!

Strict Mistress feminizes struggling sissy

I wake you early one morning. As you open your eyes, you see the dress hanging on your door.  Today I am a strict Mistress:  dressed in black leather pants with 4″ black patent heels, with a black leather jacket over a black tank top. My hair is piled high showing the diamond stud earrings in my ears.

Busy day for my girly girl

Mistress says, “Get up missy, we have a busy day.”  You look over and realize your lingerie is set out.  You spot that huge, fluffy petticoat from your closet.  I am very stern as I say, “This is punishment day.  I suspect you will enjoy every minute.”

Punishment and training for your feminization

First we head to the salon.  You will have a very …. FULL … day.  I say, “Remember this punishment is for your own good.  You can struggle, sissy, but you know that Mistress always gets her way.”

Your Experienced Mistress,

Ms. Olivia