**NEW STUFF** and Mistress News

If you look up at the tool bar on the top of the page in the menu bar or the pages section on the left side of the blog, you will find a page that says slave pet artwork.

Read about the intro of slave pet and the graphics!  The blog is New Graphics and Inspiration for the Experienced Mistress.

Mistress is VERY happy to meet this sissy cuck and I am doing something Mistress has never done.

I’m highlighting a slave in a regular page on my blog.  Now, I’m going to be naughty with slave pet and you will see the naughtiness.  I want slave pet and YOU to hear publicly that I think slave pet is FUCKING FANTASTIC!  ~laughs~  I will return to our regularly scheduled naughty shortly.  ~grinz~

I’ll post new graphics at the top of the slave pet artwork page so you’ll see new graphics first when you go to the page.   Remember to scroll down and see all the images and look for links to Mistress blogs and audios.

I have also created a slave pet artwork page for the girls on crossdressersphonesex.com  Since slave pet is a sissy, most of the drawings will be sissy in orientation and that means some extra naughtiness!  I’ll post the graphics that are “too naughty for the public blog” in a password projected page that is called Naughty Sissy.  I’ll also post password protected sissy assignments, stories and more on that page.  You’ll hear more about how to get access to that password protected page when I write the blogs, audios and assignments.

ENJOY and I would love to see LOTS of comments welcoming slave pet to Experienced Mistress!

Ms Olivia