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So, for all of you who are tired of the thoughtful, quirky and maybe not so overtly sexy posts of late …. here you go!

You might want to bookmark this page because you know I’ll get smart and long winded once again, but, whew, isn’t THIS post about girl on girl sex refreshing for a phone sex blog.  I promise not to digress …. rather I hope to keep on point and the point I want to talk about are the nipples on Meredith’s breasts.  FUCKING amazing nipples that girl has!

You know I cruise around the internet looking for all kinds of *interesting* erotica and sex news …. I found a survey about Nipple Preference on Jack In World and learned that the survey respondents said their number 1 choice is “meaty brown nipples” followed by, “pink” nipples.  Now, I’ve sucked a lot of breasts but that meaty brown descriptions doesn’t do much for Me …. still …. who doesn’t love nipples, all shapes and colors and sizes?

Ms Meredith and this Experienced Mistress had a wonderful time the other day with a caller I’ll call Eros.  And, what better way to experience the pleasure of cock control then with two amazing Femdoms teasing and pleasing one another while that highly aroused man was instructed to masturbate for us.

And, to make it even hotter, Meredith slipped off My little red panties and we put the panties on Eros!  His cock so hard it just poked right up outside of the lace!  And the feeling of his cock in panties, especially My warm wet panties, turned him into a gasping moaning delightfully delicious plaything.  Of course, that is the source of his name … after the Greek God, son of Aphrodite … Eros … sexual yearning and desire.  And the BEST erotic conversations …. *wink*.



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