In the photo, I am facing forward while looking back.  This time of year often inspires that manner of reflection … the hope of new beginnings and the shiver of endings.

As we leave this year we here at LDW Group will miss the friendship of the Mistress you know as the Spank Mistress …. Ms Tara.   She would be the first to tell us not to mourn.  She would make some quip that would get us all giggling.  She would want us to Celebrate ….. so, that’s what we’re going to do!

You are invited to join us for the Celebration of Ms Tara!

Where:  Community Kink Chat Room – the Special Events Room

Time:  10 pm eastern time, Saturday Jan.2nd.

Here’s the audio invite for the sissies She ADORED.

Here’s the audio invite for the stroker boys She had so much FUN with!

While doing the Tribute Announcement audios I got to thinking about that phrase – “reason, season or lifetime.”  Some of you come into my life for a reason and that reason can be a simple as the sweet physical release during phone sex or as complex as the various needs of individuals.  Some of you arrive for a season, which in this context could be until you want to explore a different Mistress or perhaps find someone in your life that limits your ability or desire to call Me.  All of you are memorable.  I cherish the opportunity to be part of your lives.

One person whom I can’t email had the courage to have an intimate conversation while still respecting my boundaries of my role here.  For you, call the dispatcher and ask for your gift of talk time from Olivia.

New (and consistent) blog posting will start up again on Jan 4th!

To all of YOU …. I wish you ALL that is best….in the New Year and always.