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There’s a group called The New Pornographers. They’re funky and creative.  I like interesting ‘things’:  Music, ideas, sensations, people, and more.  The New Pornographers have a song called “Go Places” that starts in an interesting way, inspiring today’s blog entry.

“Yes, the heart will always go one step to far.

Come the morning and the four corners I see

What the moral of the back-story could be

Come with me

Go places.”

* The New Pornographers, Go Places

I’m curious …. How do you know you’ve gone ‘too far’ until you take that step over the line?  And….the corollary of that, which is:  “What if taking that ‘extra step’ is part of (or the beginning) of the journey and really doesn’t bring you over the ‘limit.’  What if the only way to GO PLACES is to take one step to far?

I see this so clearly here.  Men, and sometimes couples, call this phone sex line for erotic guidance on how to explore and investigate all sorts of things some of which involved kinky sex, fetish play, submission/Domination or amazingly detailed erotic fantasies.

You callers inspire Me to ‘GO PLACES.’  For example, I’m thinking of the courageous caller last night who fought through his shy/nervousness to connect with me.  We talked for a bit and then I was able to experience, via web cam, us both celebrating the feminization of his ‘self’ … really, what an extraordinary gift to give me; you let me see your courage in action.   Our call gave me the opportunity to participate in and encourage you on your journey of discovery of your sissy submissive self.

I’m also thinking of the first time caller to LDW Group and therefore to this experienced mistress.  As we talked and explored and played he gasped at one point and said, “I don’t’ know what this cost me but this is great!”  I totally ‘get’ his fetish for feet, toes, stockings, legs and sexy high-heeled pumps.  He’s called other phone sex lines before and said, “I could only hope to find someone who can understand it at some level” but we connected and now he can call back for erotic roleplay with someone who understands and appreciates his desires.

Which brings Me back to the original thought.  What if your desire is ‘past’ where you currently know it to be?  What if what you think is one step too far, actually brings you closer to …

Closer to WHAT?

Have you ever asked yourself if you ‘honestly’ even WANT your innermost desires?  What would your life BE if everything you don’t even dare to dream really IS possible?

Let’s Go Places … call Me and I’ll travel with you …. One step too far … *wink *


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