In this world of emocions ( 🙂 and 🙁 and :< and all that) ….. I am at a loss as to how to adequately express sexual arousal in a text message. I know that: BRB means be right back…..LOL means laughing out loud ….. but…. how does one (namely moi) say something like, “Woah baby you’re making me HOT” without it sounding like a really dumb cliche at best….or a pickup line from an 80’s movie at worst. SIGH. I notice those of us in the Community Kink Chat Room are often at a loss to adequately express the true DEPTH and BREADTH of our emotions.

Personally I will say things like Ohhhhhhhh and OMG !!!!!!!! …….. and WOAH BABY! …… I’m sort of a CAPITALS and lots of EXCLAMATION POINTS kinda gal.

But, that *could* be Ohhhhh (feels good, please don’t stop) ….. OR Ohhhhhhhhh (no kidding that stupid shit did WHAT?) ….. text is ambiguous and so the Art of Seduction via not merely the written word but TEXTing and IM is an Art Form. Someone should write a BOOK on this topic. In fact, I’ll write a book on this topic …. send ME what you write as your expression of sexual arousal and desire and sensual delight when you’re TEXTING.

This is not mere rambling ….. because I don’t just do phone sex fantasies …. I also do erotic text sessions …. and have had some really interesting ones from around the world …. and some, from the midst of an, apparently, rather boring business meeting.

so…… being the natural born INVESTIGATOR that I am……I’m asking all the Mistresses (and a couple friends and consorts) what they write — here are their answers:

The lovely and FABULOUS Empress Cassidy says: “um….. I usually do the ‘mmmm’ or something like that.” When I sought to clarify her position she reiterated, “nope, I’m a lower case mmmmer” Good to know. Ok.

Stunning and sensual Empress Vanessa says that she usually puts a word or a phrase in between stars …. “ie *presses legs together* …… damn and I’ve done some 2-girl calls with Vanessa and can I just tell you she makes ME *press my legs together* !!!!!!

One of the all time sexiest damn YUM YUMs is Empress Lauren who agrees that this is a tough workforce *issue* for us …. she says she uses small endearments like “little ohs, yums, and food words … I tend to equate desire with food for some reason using the same adjectives like yummy, delicious, sweet … maybe I just have an oral fixation.” Well oh MY, call Lauren for your oral fixation! 🙂

My consort Wish actually gave Me the title of the blog post and is the author of the Mmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmm ….. but that might be all he CAN write because he’s texting Me from his phone and only using one hand to type ….. but, I digress.

The *best-legs of LDW* Mistress Ryan has a consort named havocangel who wanted clarification of the topic at hand ….. “are you talking verbage or the actual expressions of YUM” ….. and says, she simply goes with ‘sweetttttt yesssssss…” ….. of course, that’s what MOST people do say to Ryan …. YES ! …. even as she says NO!

Ms Courtney points out, correctly, that her phrasing depends on who it is and what it’s regarding! …. but some favorite of hers are ‘oooo baby! and damn, that’s hot!” ….. and SHE is hot, I can personally attest to THAT.

Mistress Tara …. OMG, what can I POSSIBLY say <fanning my flushed and perky breasts> …. thought about the question and offered these possible comments: “mm, you’re making me see the most naughty images in my head.” ….. and damn, if she didn’t make ME see some images just by reading that ! She also says she writes about ‘feeling things tight and low’ …. < sudden hot flash >

My own personal knight in shining armor (or should that rather be …. Knight in Glistening Foreskin) says his personal favorite is, “Oh My” or “Oh Yeah” …. and I have two words to reply to that …. OH YEAH!

Mistress Sarah is sooooooooo seductive …. you’ll be willingly dominated by her before you know it …. and she will write you something like “oh my you little slut” and “OHHHHHHHHH” and “OMG” ….. I’m SO glad there’s another Mistress of the Capital Letters.

Princess Lilah loves to tease all the boys with “ahhhhhhhhhh’ and “Mmmmmmmm” and “ooooohhh” but that bratty, spoiled Princess always says, “Thank you daddy.” ~giggle~ and once you’ve encountered Lilah you’ll see what makes a man renounce his crown and his sanity!

and finally my Most Favorite MILF Empress Vivian (or Ms VIVI as I call her) … who uses words and phrases and leather instruments to really WEAVE a fantasy in what she calls interactive keyboarding says she favors the classic ‘mmmmmmmm’ ….. and I can tell you from MY experience she only has to utter a few words to send everyone into ORBIT. *kisses to Vivi*

Well, this has certainly been a LONG blog post…..I’ll continue to interview the other Mistresses and our consorts and companions …. and will post these comments as I get them. If YOU would like to comment, PLEASE DO ….. besides, I’m getting tired of deleting spam from the strangest places!

And remember when you’re ready for the Ultimate in Phone Sex Fantasy, call Me: 1-800-356-6169.