Ms Olivia 1-800-601-6975

Ms Olivia 1-800-601-6975

Hello!  I’m away and offline until Monday, August 26th….BUT, I want you to think about several things while I’m gone.

Ready for some very serious cock stroking training?

I know you love your cock stroking!  I love it tooooo….so there are a couple of announcements that we both should thoroughly enjoy!  Are you ready for Femdom cock control …. masturbation training, orgasm edging and orgasm denial training? Are you ready to build up to some really explosive orgasms?  Then, you might be ready for our special cock control training programs.

Ms Delia and I have created something just for you when you ask a Mistress, may I cum?  You know that sometimes I will say, “YES!  I do want to hear you cum!”  But, other times I will say something like, “Maybe I’ll let you cum, but you won’t know when ….” ~grinz~  Of course My favorite playmate, Ms Delia, will make you beg for Mistress!  ~snicker~

Cock Stroker Academy re-opens

All of this mutual masturbation has Me all hot and bothered….so that means that the Cock Stroker Academy will reopen for fall classes!  ~smiles~

Now remember, I’m away and offline from Thursday the 22nd until the morning of Monday the 26th.  I’ve got My vacation auto-responder on My email so feel free to keep sending emails:  olivia AT

I’ll answer your emails when I return.

Don’t do anything I wouldn’t do….oh wait, ~laughs~

Ms Olivia