Want to PLAY with Me?  ~wink~  Of course you do!  I’m really excited about a new game for us to play!  You’ll find that in the coming weeks I’ll be rolling out a variety of fun topics on My blog.  I think these will get your …. ahem….juices going!  ~laughs~  It’s going to be a juicy June with this Experienced Mistress.

Don't want to wait to cum? 1-800-601-6975, ask for Ms Olivia

You’ll want to check back here often for announcements of the topics but one thing I can tell you is that there will be something for everyone.  Some naughty roleplay ideas.  Cock stroking, masturbation and edging assignments for those of you who have been begging for free assignments.  Some very wicked erotic humiliation and that thrill ride of the sexy mindfuck!  OH MY  I’m getting all excited just thinking about and writing about this.

For the femme girls amongst us, YOU will be traveling far and wide to explore the feminine side of you!  And those trips might be nice or naughty or just plain conversation about all things girly for crossdressers, sissies and Tgirls!

For NOW, I can tell you about one fun thing that I’ve started, just for YOU!  In June, you’ll find out ALL the ways you can reach your hands inside Ms Olivia’s Cookie Jar!

Reach INSIDE Ms Olivia's Cookie Jar!

WOW, that just reads so very naughty doesn’t it?  ~laughs~

So, now that we’ve GOT the Ms Olivia’s Cookie Jar….what’s IN the Cookie Jar?  If you look over to the left side of the blog, you’ll find the pages listed.  There’s the Cookie Jar Page and the under that there’s a page that take you to where you can reach into Ms Olivia’s Cookie Jar.

Go over there and you’ll find some treats that I’ve thought of but, of course I want to hear from YOU!

What do YOU want to see in My Cookie Jar?  What kinds of things inspire YOU?  What I want from you is blog comments and interaction on EE.

Please remember that if you want a private sessions and/or My undivided attention that will be a session …. but as long as we’re talking in public I’ll respond to you and your comments in between sessions!

The interaction is what gets My creative juices going.  So, let’s start the interaction here.  Post your comments about what sorts of things YOU think should be in the cookie jar.


Ms Olivia