Opinions are like bellybuttons …. everyone has one ….. or, in the case of opinions MANY …. so I’ll add my two cents to the Global Opinion Stockpile by sharing My thoughts on Scents and Sensuality.

As you know if you’re a reader of this blog …. I ADORE things that arouse my (and YOUR) senses ….. and SMELL is one of the physical senses ….. one of the senses that takes a bit of creativity to really communicate and cultivate during an erotic adventure story otherwise known as a phone sex session.  Still I believe even if you can’t *smell* what I’m smelling you can *experience* it vicariously through description.  And I know most of you *get it* because I hear the *gasp* from your end of the phone line as I evoke the sensual aroma of my favorite Jasmine/Vanilla body lotion …. I’ve had CrossDressers practically *swoon* at this part and the erotic feminization is just getting started!

When I’m doing a Guided Masturbation session  …. and I describe the touch of my fingers on your body ….. or the press of my breasts against your chest/shoulders/thigh (pick a body part) and I point out that there is just the merest *hint* of the fresh clean scent of CK One in the hollow of my neck and right between my breasts …. why, I can’t tell you how many of you have told me you’ve gone out to GET CK One just to *smell* it.  ((( I love hearing that by the way so thank you for the compliments> ))))

What are some of the scents that turn YOU on? Do TELL.

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