Your delectable Phone Sex Mistress has been busy working on a variety of new audios for you to *feast* your ….. hmmmmm … EARS on !  And, you get even MORE than audios !

Photos! …. that Ass photo continues to get the boys and girls ALL hot and bothered so I decided to actually post a section for photos.  Enjoy!

I’ve also created a NEW PAGE for the series of audios about the Adventures of the sissy maid.  She’s so cute in her lacy panties and crisp uniform.  As she goes through her adventures you’ll see how she is trained, corrected, praised and, (oh my!) USED.  *snicker*  I have a feeling lil sissy maid has only an inkling of how far her training will go …. but I’m very, very sure that she is UP for it.  What do you think?

Finally, this new audio was inspired by a caller’s business trip … he emailed Me first thing upon arrival.  I love instilling that sense of urgency and freshness in your erotic life .... maybe more than just your erotic life, after all, when was the last time you experienced that GASP of the unknown? Oh this particular caller  hasn’t even BEGUN to experience what I have in store for him!  By the way, it’s great when  you travel and have time to really explore your phone sex fantasy or experience a tantalizing guided masturbation session where you turn your cock stroking  over to Me.  I do know what to do with that cock …. hmmmmmmmm ….. and how to do it!  <grinz>

Kisses, Olivia …. 1-800-356-6169