Enjoy m’dears …. today brings new audios and this photo of one of My favorite pairs of shoes …. I love strappy sandals …. and just when I think there is absolutely nothing sexier than sandals….why along comes BOOT season….yes BOOTS …. and I simply got so inspired I had to do an audio about Boots! Enjoy and remember you can hear all the Phone Sex Mistresses in the free audio forums for our lovely sissies and crossdressers.

You can also cruise into the TeaseMania audio forum and listen to this new audio that give the concept of Employee Review a whole new …. ah, twist.  You should be so lucky to work for Me!

Those two site have PG rated audios …. if you are looking for audios that are EXPLICIT ….. as in whew, wipe your….ah….forehead explicit then check out our site Mistress Always Wins.

Also remember if you want Me to write and record an audio for you.  That is possible.  I can write it or you can and I can record it.  Hey, pert near anything is possible.  So send an IM or email and just ask.  After all, if you can’t find what you want in the kinky world of phone sex fantasies …. well, then, I say you’re just probably shit outta luck!

A couple of other notes …. remember to join Me and Mean Elizabeth every Tuesday at 9pm eastern for Good Cock / Bad Cock in the Community Kink chatroom …. when you go into Kink Chat, click on show rooms and you’ll want to click on the Humiliation Room.  Thank you to all our loyal followers !….. Remember UP AGAINST THE WALL and prepare for your strip search. ohhhhhh, it’s a fun time had by all.

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