It is that time of year again, when so many of us get the *dreaded* Employment Review.   Well, for all the Sissy Maids, this review time can be especially stressful.  In part because being a Good Sissy means that you are and have the TOTAL PACKAGE …. it’s not *just* about Cross Dressing ….. altho your appearance IS so very important and that IS one of the most vexing questions of all — just HOW is a good Sissy Maid supposed to keep hair, makeup, nailpolish, clothes and stocking perfectly lovely while doing her *job* servicing her Mistress and Her Friends.  < big sigh >  Okay, it’s not quite as vexing as String Theory, but it IS worth a comment or two.  So, all you Sissy Maids ….. click here to begin your review.

Now, for all of you Sissy Maids who did not get a stellar performance review …. you WILL report to the Suck Patrol where you will get a chance to bone up on your special skills and the techniques you can bring back to your Maid’s job.  ~ grinz ~   This is one punishment that makes you want to mis-behave !

And I would like to hear from YOU …. all your sissies and sissy maids … what do YOU think should be some of the goals and clear targets on a Sissy Maid Performance Review.

Remember you can find lots of sissy assignments and sissy audio at several LDW sites.  We know that you want to be the very BEST Sissy you can be….so we do try to make that relatively easy for you to do.


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