I’m so glad to see that YOU are fellow romantics!   I’m also grateful that you recognize that this Experienced Mistress is a total romantic as well.  Personally I find our community in the comments section on this blog VERY romantic, interesting, and lively!

Romance and kinky relationships

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There is usually more ‘real’ intimacy in BDsm or kink relationships than with most vanilla couples  — simply because we HAVE to actually TALK with one another!  A wicked cock teasing session might not look ‘romantic’ to some, but it IS isn’t it?  One of the most romantic exchanges (with a caller) I’ve had recently, happened today when a man was telling Me on IM about his wife accepting his crossdressing.  (I will post that IM next!)

I have noticed that men (especially on phone sex) are VERY romantic!  Sometimes I wonder if  *civilian* women just don’t know how to *notice* how romantic you ARE!  Or, maybe they just don’t want to notice your (different) ways of expressing it.

Speaking of romance, I will have a romantic date with My guy this Friday so I won’t be here for The Weekly Hot Spot.  We’re going to have a lively, long weekend!  *wink*

More on The Hot Spot….~laughs~ oh, your dirty mind!

I hope you join everyone Friday night at 9pm because Ms Layla and Ms Delia are sure to have an amazing show on The Weekly Hot Spot! I’ll want to read your thoughts in the comments section here!

One of the things that has come out of the comments recently as we’ve talked about romance is that several of you want another peek inside My love life.  Here you go 🙂  Enjoy!

This is an IM chat that I had with My guy 🙂

Olivia:  Hey…….got a question for you…….

My Guy:  sure

Olivia:  How did you FEEL, what was your reaction to that (odd) comment/question from your girlfriend (me) when I asked to use your dick to try out new masturbation techniques?

My Guy:  LOL It was awesome!!!

Olivia:  LOL !  Have you ever had a girlfriend ask that?

My Guy:  I had a girlfriend that told me NOT to masturbate.

Olivia:  Here’s what I wrote in a blog comment:  “The other day I was telling My guy that I needed to use his dick and balls to check out a bunch of new masturbation techniques to see how they feel …. he gave Me the strangest look and said, ummmmm okay.   LOL I’m going to ask him what he thought about Me asking to use his dick and balls for My *experiments* ~laughs~

My Guy:  What if my age is keeping you from experimenting too much…. I’m only good for 1 experiment every hour or 2.

Olivia:  ROFLOL!  I’m a true researcher, we will have to find something to DO for that time!  LOL  After all this is for RESEARCH so if we must, we must!

My Guy:  LOL

Olivia:  Tell Me….do you think I am a bit more *male* in My approach to sex?  I’m curious as to what you see compared to other girls!

My Guy:  oops…. sorry… got distracted by work (and a podcast he really likes).

Olivia:  bleh….I’m talking SEX and you’re listening to (the poscast).  LOL

My Guy:  LOL  I haven’t been with a ton of other girls… my 2 most recent relationships…one was (her name), and the other was more open to sex stuff like you.  Well, no one is like you.

Olivia:  LOL …. You tickle me!

(we got sidetracked talking about the podcast)

My Guy:  Any more questions?

What does he think of Me?

Olivia:  Do you want to answer whether you think I’m more male in My approach to sex?

My Guy:  What do you mean by male?  Does that mean “interested in sex” when most women pretend they aren’t or more open about it? In a perfect world more people would be… open and honest.

Olivia:   ohhhh….great comment!

My Guy:  It’s a subject I can be shy about.

Olivia:  Really?  After ALL we’ve talked about?  You’re shy?

My Guy:  Not with you…. in general though.  We got to talk about sex in a different context before dating.  <<< Before meeting him I told him I did phone sex and IF he was at all weird about it, then I wouldn’t have met him.>>>

He’s shy about sex too!

My Guy:  Sex is a subject I’m shy with other people in the past.  Not now.  You and I got the sex discussion out of the way before even meeting.  <<Phone sex as a career choice is a dandy ice breaker for that topic!>>  Before you, I usually just went “with the flow” and whatever happened.  I usually felt I was just lucky getting laid.

Olivia:   ~laughs~  awwww…..there’s WAY MORE than just getting laid.  HEY, that’s another good blog post topic!


Olivia:  I’ve got another question if you’ve got time .

My Guy:  yup… shoot

Are we romantic?

Olivia:  How do YOU see us as being romantic?

My Guy:  Well, I think we absolutely are and there are a million examples…. simple stuff, like we are reminded of each other when we see/hear something … to us going places and doing things the other enjoys … and everything in between.

Olivia:  You mentioned that you read the blog comment I wrote about you sending me the MP3 player for my birthday when I was staying with Ally.  Did YOU think you were being romantic with the MP3?  Were you surprised at how romantic I thought it was?

My Guy:  I’m glad you thought it was romantic, and I thought it kind of was too.  I put some thought into some of the music.  But I did it because I love you, and thought it was a good birthday present.

Olivia:  YAY!  You *got it*!  LOL, ‘some thought’?  You spent HOURS on the music!  I loved that!  I came running up to Ally, “Look!  It’s from my sweetie!” and got all misty eyed  (that’s girl language for oh wow, this is totally cool).

My Guy:  Well, I know you love music, and wanted an easy way to listen to stuff you like.

Olivia:  Am I romantic with you? *wink* besides the thoughtful suspension cuffs and the zippy Vampire gloves.

My Guy:  LOL.  On the romance, very much so. I was thinking about how lucky I was the other day, and how disappointing it would be to have to be “normal” again.

((Then we got distracted and chatted about our upcoming weekend!  A weekend that includes normal holiday with family plans, a wicked play party and lots of connection time!))

Admittedly, we are more open than most couples about all topics dealing with sex and that clear communication has made it really easy to be with one another in all (non kink) areas.

The next post will be an IM chat with a man who will call, with his wife.  I am really TOUCHED by our IM chat today and I can’t wait to *meet* both of them on the phone!

THANK you for all your blog comments, interesting diversions, fantastic metaphors and kind sharing about your lives!  Thank you!

Ms Olivia