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Listen to my voice as I give you these tips for premature ejaculation.

I hear all of your sex secrets and worries of men who call this Experienced Mistress.  I’ve often said that my biggest surprise since starting phone sex fulltime is that I am WAY more than an erotic entertainer — I am a sex therapist.  I like helping people so that’s fantastic. Many men are worried about popping too fast and disappointing their partner.   Guided masturbation can improve your sex life and certainly help with PE.

Your sex worries — my sexy solutions

There are many things you can do if you’re worried about having staying power when you’re with your partner.  These are some general ideas.  Feel free to call me or send an email asking questions about your specific situation.  My email is olivia AT

Top causes of premature ejaculation

PE can be physical or psychological or various combinations of both mind and body.  There are different solutions depending on the source.  Remember PE is the symptom, you need to find out the cause.  I’m not a medical doctor, so I can’t help with that diagnosis but I can help you to talk with your physician.

Psychological causes of ED

Stress, worry, and anxiety lead the list of common psychological causes.  Based on my experience, I want to add chronic masturbation.  If you rub one out all the time then you’ve trained your body to be aroused and have an orgasm FAST.  Think of this as fast food (which is okay sometimes) versus fine dining at a restaurant where you take your time.  I can help with your anxiety and the chronic masturbation.

Physical causes of ED

I always recommend a quick Doctor visit just to rule out anything medical (for example, high blood pressure can cause ED).  Overstimulation can be physical and psychological.  Again, you need cock control and cock training.

Who knows your cock?

You might think you know your cock, but I’m telling you that I have WAY more experience with cocks in general. I know lots of things that will help once we talk and I know more about your specific circumstances.

Your Experienced Mistress,

Ms Olivia