Stockings for Olivia 1-800-601-6975

What do I want for Christmas?  ~laughs~  Welllllll …… you know that Mistress loves surprises and you have many ways to surprise Me with a special thank you!  If you’d like to give Me something tangible you can find lots of choices on My Amazon Wish List (I’ve been told it’s quirky and fun to read).  You can always leave a virtual bouquet with the Dispatcher.  Or, you can send Me a personal email or blog comment — I’d love to hear how My creative phone sex style has added to your life!

Christmas Stocking for Mistress

OR, you can help Me put on My other sexy seamed stocking!  ~gasp~  This was inspired by a special caller who loves to help Me get dressed.  He shares My love of seamed stockings with reinforced heels and reinforced toes.  There’s something about the sound My garter belt makes as the garter slides into that silky stocking top and then snaps into place.

Nude Stockings

I love how these nude stockings really highlight the reinforced toes and reinforced heels.  And, on that bare foot you can see that My toes are painted red!  As you know, My signature color for My pedicure is red … red is so sexy on bare feet.

Sexy Stockings and the Foot Tease

Speaking of sexy, when those stockings are on, do you know what I’m going to do?  hmmmmmm…

~smiles~  I know you know what I’m going to do!  Just imagine how you feel as those soft stockings search for that bulge between your legs.  What happens then? If you’re a crossdresser who also loves stockings then I can tell you all about the best ways to tease with these lovely lingerie items.

Do YOU like stockings as much as I do?  I want to hear from you with a call, email or blog comments and remember, Ms Olivia DOES need help with My stockings!  ~smiles~

Ms Olivia

If you need help with your call, please contact the lovely ladies on our Live Help Desk!