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Hello there!  Periodically I open the blog to your questions.

Now, in all fairness, I do answer questions in the comments on ANY topic when you post a question in the comments.  But, let’s do a blog post specifically for your questions.  Go down at the end of this post and click on the comments section and post your question there.

Feel free to ASK Me anything; I’m a cock teasing Femdom I’ll manage My responses.  *wink*  This is your place to ask about phone sex, erotic conversations, how I handle IM chats before the call, do I like sissies …. all the stuff you want to know.

OH and if you’d like to read up on any and every thing to do with fetish sex take a look at our Femdom Fetish Essays.  Even if you know what you like, take a look at some of the essays because I’m sure other ideas and topics will……ahem……come up and catch your …. attention.  I’m referring to your INTELLECTUAL attention of course!  ~laughs~

If your question is not about kink but if you’re curious about the Experienced Mistress you can also ask those types of questions.  You know that I’m totally curious about you, your real sexual issues and more.  Frankly, what you ask Me also tells Me about you….and I like that!  I’m taking Saturday off, but if you post questions quickly, I’ll get to them right away (in between calls) and, who knows, YOU might inspire and be the topic of future blog posts!  I like THAT as well 🙂

Ms Olivia