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I’m going to pause the IM chats about various issues of Femdom, calling phone sex, asking your wife to do a your fetish with you, etc.

IM chat topics coming up

I have a variety of IM Chats on the way.  Real IM chats with men about what is really going on in their sex lives and fantasies.  IM chats include interest in erotic humiliation, advice on amateur kink players vs Pro Dommes, cuckold questions, bi sexual fantasy desires taken to real life, why one caller loves the wicked mindfuck, and more.  So, look for those and other topics in the coming weeks.

Email about My blog

Right now though, I want to reply to an email I got recently from someone new to our adult social networking site, Enchantrix Empire.  Here’s what he said:

“To begin with, I’d like to say I’ve been reading your blog in my spare time, and I find your essays and posts incredibly insightful, intelligent, and honest.  I (do a certain work), so I’m mostly busy doing that, but I log on here (EE) from time to time, and I’m slowly absorbing the avalanche of information that is available.  You (…)  seem well-informed and insightful to this scene. You tackle some issues that are harder to quantify, but that are nevertheless very relevant issues in bdsm that I haven’t run across before (online, anyways), such as various social aspects, psychological aspects, as well relationship aspects. You seem to have a good perspective from many different angles, and you are very clear at communicating your ideas.”

Why I tackle these issues on My blog 

I’ll admit I love the praise.  LOL  And, who wouldn’t?  We all like to be good at what we do.  Phone sex (as a career choice) is a vocation AND, as you can hopefully tell, an avocation.

After reading his very kind email, I wanted to highlight WHY I am tackling some of the ‘harder to quantify’ issues.  I tried to do more *typical* blog posts for phone sex blogs and, frankly, I got bored.  Well not so much bored per se as uncomfortable …. with each post I was noticing that there was so much left unsaid.  It was the elephant in the living room.

For example, it’s great to say something like, “For hot phone sex call Me.” but what is NOT mentioned is all the real issues that men face and WHY you are calling phone sex.  Phone sex can be totally for fantasy sex fun but it can also be one of the few places where you can ask questions about sex, women, men, relationships, fetish questions, etc.

Real men have real sex issues

For example, if you like to crossdress do you tell your very conservative wife?  You love stockings and high heels but your wife says your request to wear them makes her feel like she’s being objectified and flatly refuses.  You’ve stumbled across Femdom porn on the internet and have questions.  Come on, WHERE do you go to talk about this stuff?

When doing the *normal* phone sex blog, I started feeling disingenuous about only blogging about the fantasy sex when the reality of all these other issues ARE part of My calls.  I know for a fact they ARE part of your lives.  That’s why I started using this blog as a forum to discuss all the unmentionables.

It’s funny that there really isn’t an outlet for REAL talk about real sex.  Everyone is so cautious.  The real issues are hidden even in the *openness* of the adult sex industry.  I get that and do think we don’t have to have everything on public display BUT since we let it all hang out (literally with you exhibitionist cam guys) let’s throw caution to the wind and have adult conversations about sex.

What topics would YOU like to see covered?  Have a problem?  Got a question?  As always, leave a comment and I’ll reply.  Let’s keep the lively conversation going.

Ms Olivia