The response to the:  Your Sex Secrets:  Tell the Experienced Mistress blog post has been lively and insightful!   Thank you !  According to the poll itself 23% would LOVE to tell their partner….but worry she would FREAK.  25% have talked with their partner about sex secrets and …. WOAH, she’s kinky too !

This topic generated a LOT of great comments on My blog itself and on the Poll about telling sex secrets on our adult social networking site Enchantrix Empire. On the Empire or during an amazing phone sex session, the conversations are extraordinary!

I’ve had phone sex callers ask Me, “How did I get this way.”  Ms Constance has a specific post on that — asking the question:  When did you first discover your kink?

Ms Constance also has insightful comments on the sex secrets survey. You can read her comment in it’s entirety on the Enchantrix Empire sex secrets poll.  But, let Me bring your attention to several specific issues that Ms Constance brings up.

Ms Constance:   “I have always come from a place of being confident and sure of myself and as a result finding out kinks of partners never bothered me in fact fascinated me so I set my sights on finding out about them.  Try it at least once see if you like it type thing.”

All of the Mistresses hear about wives or girlfriends who ‘freak out’ when a partner talked about a sexual kink.  I don’t think the ‘freak out’ response is going to change YOUR sexual reality one bit. For example, if your are turned on by coached cock sucking or being a sissy in panties, chances are that aroused you before your current partner.  You are aroused by what arouses you, end of story.

WHY does your partner freak out about your fantasy?

Ms Constance identifies a possible reason why vanilla women freak out.  According to Empress Constance:  “I honestly think that comes from a place of insecurity with themselves…..they immediately think you’re the freak because they are threatened about what it says about them….I am not good enough….Why do they need that if I am good enough and many try to “fix” what they consider broken …. ”

That brings Me to the question for you:  Do YOU think your erotic fantasies need to be “fixed/eliminated” or accepted?  This Experienced Mistress wants to KNOW!

As always, I’d love to hear from YOU!

Ms Olivia