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Let’s put a hold on the fantasy for just a moment.

You know we can talk about almost ANYTHING with you.  If you have any questions about our Company limits, just send Me an email: olivia AT  or check with the Live Help Desk.  My personal limits are the Company limits, I don’t have added limits and nothing you can say will make Me uncomfortable.

One of the things I bring to our conversations is My wealth of experience.  There’s a reason why they call Me the Experienced Mistress and I take that part of My role very seriously.  In this blog post you can find out a little bit of what I think you pay for when you call Me; you GET much more than sex!

Many of you call Me for the naughty and delicious cock sucking fantasy!  This is one of My favorite conversations or erotic roleplay scenes.  It’s apparently time for the safer sex blog post because many of you want to move into real life cock sucking.  If you are single and want to mingle, go for it.  Stay safe, sane and consensual but this is your life.  If you’re talking with Me and asking for My help to get you sucking cock in something other than a cock sucking fantasy then we’ll have this safety talk.

You might fall into some of the possible categories of men who are curious about another man’s penis.

Cock Curious but Straight

There are a LOT of men who are basically straight men but curious about cock.  I think that’s normal.  Being told by Mistress to suck a cock is also a wonderful way to really experience submission to a Femdom Mistress such as this comment from one caller:

“I don’t think it’s the act of sucking a cock, as much as it is, what all I’ve gone along with-that makes me feel like I have to go along with whomever it was wanting me to suck the cock.  If that makes any sense.”

Yes it makes sense!  The penis is very powerful organ and it is inspirational in MANY way!  ~smiles~

Bisexual or Gay

Some of you are bisexual.  You might or might not even admit to to yourself so you call for a Mistress to “guide” or coerce you into sucking cock.  Others of you are gay but you’re in the closet.  Maybe it is sort of a combo fantasy when you are sexually aroused by being called names, notably gay slurs.  This can be part of some wicked erotic humiliation.

Crossdresser Who Wants to Experience Full Femme Cock Sucking

There are many “types” of crossdressers and I’ve talked a lot about that in other blog posts.  For now, let Me just say that I know being with a man while you’re dressed en femme is a very big part of the sexual experience for many crossdressers.  Usually that’s part of the fantasy but it often turns into a desire for real life cock sucking.

Stay SAFE for Mistress

No matter the ‘reason’ for wanting to suck a dick other than your own, I want you to stay safe.  If you’re calling Me, I want you (and your intimate sexual partners) to stay safe.  Remember, when you’re exchanging bodily fluids safe, sane, and consensual includes your current sexual partners.  Here’s what I told the caller who wanted Me to guide him to a glory hole.  I walked him through the issues around cock sucking and safety in real life.

Okay, the conversation was a hard on killer ~laughs~ but, sometimes a dose of reality is called for even from your fantasy phone sex artist!  Here’s what he said after the blood went back to his brain:

“Thanks again for your concern, I’m dumb enough to have tried something stupid to see how it would go.”

I told him, he’s not dumb …. just horny!  ~laughs~  When you’re ready for the cock sucking fantasy call OR want to talk about cock sucking in real life, give Me a call.

Ms Olivia