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Time off for Mistress

I will be away this weekend for a 3 day holiday — Friday, Feb 21 through Sunday Feb 23.

I’ve also been logged in on Wednesdays but will be away Wed. Feb 26th.

You can check out the current schedule on my schedule page.

NEWS and a a sexy photo

I’m also going to be making some changes on the blog.  I’m not getting a lot of blog comments on the Cock Stroker Academy posts so I’m taking that on break.

I *might* continue posting the password protected special erotic photos.  You can make sure you don’t miss that by signing up for the RSS feed on masturbation phone sex.  Here’s the link to the special erotic photos page.  If you look on the top RIGHT side of the blog you’ll see something that looks like this ))) Posts.  Click on that and you can subscribe to the blog.  You’ll get immediate updates when there’s a blog post and that is where I’ll announce the newest special erotic photo in the password protected page.

Mistress and the fetish play party

Ask me about the play party this weekend!  It’s going to be a very exciting time and I might post about it but if you want details, I’m only a phone call away.  ~grinz~  I’m likely to post this sort of fetish play on The Pain Mistress so if you have an interest in fetish fun you can start with the latest post that asks, Who is in charge in a BDsm scene?

Crossdressers and lovely femme girls

Ladies and sluts, I’ve been remiss about posting regularly to your special blog.  I did leave you a crossdressers Valentine’s Day card but some of this time off will be to get more posts up for YOU!  ~smiles~

Okay now, back to our regularly schedule programming!


Ms Olivia