Mistress control

There have been a variety of comments recently about what makes a good Mistress.  I think we’re all agreed here that there’s a huge difference between a  Mistress and a bitchy female!  That said, there is also a wide variety in what callers themselves are looking for in a Mistress.

Recently, I’ve had several delightful callers who are not into extreme sex play.  Now, I am an Experienced Mistress so I do know all the kinky sex games and can get as naughty as you like.   One caller (I’ll call him EROS) wanted some anal play but said, “What IS IT with you Mistresses and your big black strapons!”  I totally lost it!  I cracked up laughing.

The extreme is not the norm for a Mistress

Eros and I then had a great conversation about what makes a great phone sex call for him.  I doubt he’s the only one that feels this way so that’s why I’m doing this post.  It easy to get caught up in highlighting the extremes.  The “most unusual” or the “you’ll never believe this” moments are actually few and far between.  (That’s WHY they’re unusual, duh!)  If you think about a newscast, it’s the disaster that gets the news coverage.  You’ll never see a headline saying, Thousands of planes land without problems.  But, of course, the plane crash is a front page story.  I think human beings are like that too.  We gravitate to communicating about the extremes.

Great phone and the erotic experience

For Eros, it’s the deliciousness of a Woman sensually in control even to the point of putting him in My panties …. not full on sissy femme but wearing My panties as a nod to My erotic control.   Part of his enjoyment of our erotic conversation is that it is not one sided.  For him (and much to MY delight) it ended up being about both of us having fun back and forth … combined with a smidge of kink in terms of cock and ball pain play for him.      (( and, no …. there was NO big black strapon involved! *snicker* ))

Here’s to what YOU enjoy!

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