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Do you use sex toys?

~smiles~  I do!  There are so many different kinds of toys and it’s a wonderful way to add even more fun to My creative phone sex calls with you.

Are you curious about sex toys?

Most people are at least a little curious about sex toys.  Since you’re in our community then I think you’re probably more adventurous than most people. So, I’m going to be launching a series of blog posts about sex toys.  They won’t be all in a row, there will be lots of other topics.  Think of the topics on My blog like the weather in Florida:  if you don’t like it, wait about 15 minutes and it’ll change!  So, back to sex toys.

Mistress is a real life fetish player

AND, I’m going to give you a peek inside the toy bag of this Experienced Mistress.  I am a real life fetish player.  I will often go into My personal toy bag for naughty kinky sex toys to use on Mistress domination calls.

If you are new to the blog or if you’d like a refresher on the way I identify as a BDsm player then this post will let you read about Mistress as Domme and a switch.  Since I was inspired to go into My personal fetish party bag recently for a call I’m going to be telling you what’s in there, how I use the items, where I get them and more!

First, though, I want to hear from you!  Do YOU have sex toys?  If so, what do you have?  Tell Me all about your toys.  How do you use them on calls or in your own life?  Are you CURIOUS about certain items?  If so, what questions do you have?  Let’s get this conversation about sex toys started!

Ms Olivia

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