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Locked up!

I like the sound of that!  ~smiles~  Handcuffs immediately come to mind so let’s take that mindset and turn it into Femdom pleasure with chastity!

So, the naughty device that has your cock locked is the start of a new feature, Wicked Wednesdays.  As many of you know, Mistress is into the BDsm scene in real life.  I’ll share My experience, advice and kinky stories with you!  Let’s start with chastity, shall we?

Is a male cock device a sex toy?

While something that locks up your cock and makes it impossible to get hard might not automatically look like a sex toy, it is one of the most amazing sex toys ever created!  THIS is the sex toy that puts Mistress in control … cock control!   I always say, control the cock and control the man!  ~grinz~  Sometimes you need to be locked up!  Cock locked!

In fact, a cage is one of the sexiest items in My Mistress sex toy bag!  I’ve posted before about chastity devices that I really like.  If you aren’t able to get a custom sized cage like the Queen’s Keep from Mature Metal, there are other cages.  The birdlock and the CB series immediately come to mind.

Different Kinds of Sex Toys for Different Loving

I’ll be posting about various sex toys that I have in My personal sex toy arsenal.  Different toys for different situations and circumstances.  I like the variety!  And chastity is one of those items that can be combined with various other sex toys to very good effect …. ahem … for Me!  I admit that I enjoy seeing that trapped cock, trying to get hard but only getting so far.  ~grins~  Imagine Mistress using My vibrator on Myself and then taking that pussy juice wet vibrator to the cage that traps you.  OH!

Chastity for Crossdresser and Sissy Girls

Of course, if you have a clitty, then you really do need to be in chastity because that makes you all the better as My sweet feminine submissive.  Putting a crossdresser in chastity is a thrill because, trust Me, you DO experience your femme self more intensely!  A sissy needs chastity because you DO get so very slutty!  ~giggles~

Caller reaction, is chastity a sex toy?

I had to laugh at this comment by jizzhead on our adult social networking site, Enchantrix Empire, to the question of whether a chastity cage is a sex toy:

My wife and I started talking about kinky things in casual conversation one day and then the journey took off from there. But it takes time, and money. For example I still remember the day we googled chastity devices and she was like, “So…you want to spend $150 to lock your dick up in that?” That was about 5 years ago. I’d say she got her money’s worth. We both did!

Jizzhead brings up a good point.  A chastity cage is an investment!  But……oh so worth it!  When Mistress lets you OUT of your chastity cage you experience sensations you’ve never had before.  Until then, you will feel very owned by Mistress.

Ms Olivia