Sexy Audios

Do you love sexy audios?

Of course you do!  I love making sexy audios so we’re a good fit so far.

Audio porn and erotic conversations are an experience of pleasure that goes beyond how and where you touch or even what we do on the phone. Seduction and erotic passion are all about context, communication and confession.

The Weekly Hot Spot podcast

Curious about how your session will go?  You can hear my voice, style and lots of information about me when you check out the sexuality podcast I do with my friend Mistress Erika.

We have candid conversations about sex, fetish, BDSM, kink, phone sex and even vanilla erotic pleasure. Here’s the spotify link to The Weekly Hot Spot podcast.

We do a variety of topics so you’re sure to find something that … ahem … gets you going. That said, here are the 4 most popular podcasts from the last 12 months are:

Cock Control and Guided Masturbation (me and Ms Delia)

Sissy Training and Feminization Assignments (me and Ms Erika)

Let’s Make Him a Sissy! (me and Ms Delia)

Sissy Trance Audios for Feminization (me and Ms Erika)

Check out all the episodes of The Weekly Hot Spot podcast.

If you have a question or idea for a topic, send me an email: olivia AT

My audios are based on my personal experiences and my conversations with all of you. I think about the audio much like I plan for a session. During our time together, I listen to you and talk with you to get inside your head … the one with the brain, which is, after all the most erotic organ of the body.

I find out about your emotions, desires, memories, thoughts, hopes, dreams, wishes and, even your fears. I use all this to create the context for our phone sex sessions.

You will become MY PLAYGROUND and I assure you, I ADORE My toys.

For the girly girls!

Take the sissy test!

Awww, the reluctant sissy.

OH oh, this sissy gets punished.

Chastity can help … improve … your feminization by Mistress.

LOTS of free sexy audios on various topics



Guided Masturbation

Fire and Ice Cock Stroking Instructions — ever stroked to a poem?  ~grinz~

Mistress Domination …. Teasing and Denial with or without CBT …. Humiliation

Body Worship

Cuckold Tales

Did you know I have a blog called Coached to Eat Cum?

I think cum eating is sexy.

Are you curious about the naughty mix of pleasure and pain? Do you already know that you love wicked Femdom pain play and more intense control by your Experienced Mistress?

Humiliation and more

Here is the truth about being a cuckold. Don’t worry, that bundle of cuckold emotions you’re feeling is normal.  Maybe I’ll tell you to eat your own cum or simply encourage cum eating and you want to do.