A wonderful and delightful sissy sent Me this link to help with the Good Cock/Bad Cock chat with Olivia and Marissa.  Two of the absolute Sexiest Detectives of the Phone Sex Metro area …. in Charge of The Interrogation Room … will always LOOK our BEST when we are on patrol.  Here are just SOME  of the sexy police outfits you might see us wearing.

If you scroll down to the bottom of that page you’ll see what YOU might end up wearing if you are CONVICTED of Cock Crimes.  I want you to know we have a whole TEAM of people who are helping.  Marissa’sPuppy is head of the k9 unit.  We have several people who are interested in working with Lucky Ta Tas on the Strip Search side of the Civilian Patrols.  We even have our own representative of the news media with James as a correspondent of the Penile Times.

If YOU would like to be part of the LineUp for Masturbation Interrogation with Detectives Marissa and Olivia cum by the Community Kink Chat Room every Tuesday night at 9pm eastern.

We’re available for calls after the hosted chat – call 1-800-356-6169.

Remember …. do you have a Good Cock or a Bad Cock?  WE DECIDE !