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I absolutely adore My femme callers!  Now, I make the distinction between someone who is a crossdresser, a sissy and someone who is a T girl or transgendered ( real girl but with some so called male parts).  I know that not all panties are the same!

sissy assignments

That said, I was looking at some of our sister oriented sites and realized that THIS sissy training is My last post on sissyville!  OH NO!  I need to do more assignments there.  For that, I want your help!  What kinds of assignments do you want to see from Ms Olivia?  Post your comments here or send Me an email.

sissy makeover

I got to thinking about this because of naughty sissy dressup play!  I love to give crossdressers and sissies a makeover!  In fact, that is part of the sissy school training program.

I recently laughed when I got a blog comment about one callers fetish!  And, that inspired this blog post about the importance of pretty hands on a sissy!  I’ll admit, when a sissy has lovely long glossy nails those hands are in perfect shape to stroke and hold a cock in the most feminine way!  Being feminine while still being naughty is important!

When I dress a sissy

When I give a sissy a makeover I pay attention to everything.  In this case, sissy is wearing a fantasy wig because I felt like French renaissance elegance (and debauchery).  ~grinz~  You just wait to see what trouble this pretty sissy gets into with her new friend!

One callers sissy fantasy with elegant sissy nails

 hi Mistress Olivia. i admit that i have something of a smoking fetish. not the healthiest habit i know, but i smoke only occasionally and then only when dressed. there’s something that turns me on about lipstick, fingernail polish, several rings on my fingers, and a nice, long, girly virginia slims 120. i only smoke 120′s of course, and it’s so sissyish also to have a cigarette which when unlit is longer than my sissyclitty (giggles). it’s a simple thing also, but i also luv being addressed as sissy or pansy, sort of like being conditioned and trained to regard the terms as natural and completely fitting for me. thanks

To the caller who inspired this blog post, I want you to imagine that the lip gloss wand that lovely girl is wearing is your favorite girly Virginia Slims 120.  Now, what will sissy do next?   Hmmmmmmmm?

For other sissies, give Me some of your favorite assignment ideas and you’ll find them on sissyville in the …. ahem … cumming months!

Ms Olivia

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