I get to hear all your naughty stories doing phone sex.  This is one of my recent favorites.  He tells me:  “My wife is away.  I decide I want my legs waxed so I go into the salon.”  That’s where he gets the sissy question.

I burst out in giggles because I can see you sashay into the salon and I know there will be interesting questions.

Listen to my voice in this erotic audio.

Question from the salon lady

Awww, you look super cute.  You’re wearing lady shorts and a feminine top.  I love your cute shoes!  Of course you’re earring panties!  And the salon lady naturally asks:  “How long have you been a sissy?”

Feminized for pleasure

I know you’re not dressed like a super cocksucker slut but you DO have that aura of feminized male about you. How did it feel to have the ladies in the salon be able to spot your “secret” with absolutely no effort?  Tell me everything!

Your Experienced Mistress,

Ms Olivia