Hello all My bois, boys and grrls 🙂 …..

I’ll be in Florida for the rest of the week working on my “tan lines” ….. hmmmmmm, maybe with just a little Coconut suntan lotion ….. *giggle* ….. I’ll try to log in and take calls so you won’t miss Me too too too too much ….. although you do know how I enjoy the whole tease and denial and orgasm edging part of guided masturbation.  🙂

And, all my lovely CrossDressers ….. I have only ONE INSTRUCTION for you ……. wear your panties !     Just feel that satin softness and the silk and the lace ….you know that I’ll be wearing MY panties so I do think we should be in sync with this behavior !    And ENJOY the tension building and building and …….

I might do a quick side trip on the way back home but I’m not sure about that … so I’ll either be back and on line sunday or tuesday.   And, of course, I’ll tell you lovely tales of my travel experiences ….. if you haven’t listened to My airline safety audio check it out in the TeaseMania audio files.

And, of course, I have a wealth of fabulous memories, stories and fantasies about travel …. I love to travel and one of the most erotic and exciting sexual encounters ever was on the side of a mountain in Peru ….. but, I digress …… *giggle* …. but your’re curious aren’t you?   Wellll ….. my sweets ….. CALL ME when I get back and you can hear ALL about it…..as well as create some fantasies of your own with me.


Olivia    1-800-356-6169