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Mistress teaches you many things.  I know I learn lots of things from you during our phone sex calls.  YOU also learn some … ahem … useful skills from Me!

One of My favorite things to do is to create (or encourage) a slutty sissy.  What better way to do this than to get you in touch with your inner stripper?  ~grinz~

Sissy needs Mistress training

Have you ever actually tried to BE a stripper?  I promise you it is lots of fun, but not easy!  Stripper shoes have very high heels!

Mistress will dress sissy

No worries, though, Mistress will make sure you’re dressed in the sexy lingerie under man clothes when we go to the strip club.  That’s for the shy crossdresser.  OR, I might just make you dress as the sissy you are and walk into the strip club that way!  ~giggles!~  Just imagine the looks you’ll get!

Lap dance training

Ms Olivia 1-800-601-6975

Today’s Femme Flights takes you for more of your stripper training.  Lap dances are fun and perfect for what Mistress wants from sissy!

I want to see you seduce the men by giving someone a lap dance!  That means you will tease HIM just like Mistress teases you!  Start off dancing in front of him.  Look at the way he’s looking at you.

His reaction to your lap dance!

That lust in his eyes translates to the bulge in his pants!  Sissy will have to DO something about that bulge!  Mistress will insist on that.  The Experienced Mistress might give men blue balls during wicked cock control, but sissy is not allowed to do that.  You will have to suck that cock while Mistress watches!  I will evaluate your ability to give a blow job!

Cock sucking training

Are you a good cock sucker or do you need training in that?  *wink*  Mistress is an expert at both!  ~laughs~  I give amazing head and I love to teach a cross dresser how to slowly seduce and then fully pleasure a delicious penis!

What would you like to do on your Femme Flight?  Tell Me all about it!

Ms Olivia