Tease and denial is exciting

You’ve jerked off for years.  You know the touch, style, speed, etc that will make you cum in under 5 minutes.  That’s handy info just in case the world is ending and you want to whip one last one off … but if you’re a cock stroking connoisseur then you know that tease and denial is the next level of masturbation.

Tease and denial is also the masturbation solution to the wimpy whack off.  That’s why YOU will love tease and denial cock control.  Here’s are some reasons why a Mistress loves tease and denial.

Masturbation should not be fast

Masturbation shouldn’t be like a fast food drive through.  Actually if you take less time to masturbate than it takes to go through a fast food window then you need to call me for erotic humiliation because that’s just damn pitiful! ~laughs~  Okay, so here’s the deal … if you aren’t edging then you are cheating yourself out of explosive orgasms.  You want you internet speed FAST.  Maybe you want your car fast.  You want your Mistress to answer an email quickly.  I get it.  We live in an instant world. Everything quick quick quick.  But some things are not good when you’re super fast.

Edging tease and denial

I want you to do 20 edges right now.  That means stroke your cock however you want to stroke your cock.  Keep stroking right until orgasm and then STOP.  You can either take your hand off your cock or you can keep stroking but loosen your grip and slow down your stroke.  Cool down for a bit and then start stroking fast again.  Do this 20 times.  I want to hear all about the edges that you do.  You DO NOT have permission from Mistress to cum.  You need to learn the fine art of patience! ~wink~  I promise, the way you will will be worth the wait.

If you can’t wait to talk with me, then dial the phone! ~wink~

Your Experienced Mistress,

Ms Olivia