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I know I’ve been away, but I’m baaaaccckkkkkkkk ~smiles~.  Wednesday and Thursday I’ll be available for a minimum of 8 hours each day — from 7 am – 3pm eastern time!

Let Me just take a moment to say THANK YOU so much to some very special people!  We met in unique ways.  Who know we would become so close?

Maddie, you WOW Me with your generosity!  I can’t wait for the Chanel No. 5 and the lovely hoop earrings to arrive!  THANK YOU sweet girl, your generosity touches My heart.   You know I already take you with Me each time I spritz on the Prada you sent ~smiles~ so now, I have even more scents to remind Me of you!  And, of COURSE, we are both wearing matching gold hoop earrings!  I love that!

To the funniest coffee bitch ever….thank you for turning Me on to a new kind of coffee!  I love it and with that first sip in the morning, I smile at you 🙂  Isn’t it just dandy to wake up a Mistress?  *wink*

For My fellow gym rat, thank you for the suggestion of using tunes in the pool!  I’ve actually never thought of listening to music doing swim laps until you suggested it and then sent the gear.  WOW, you have totally spoiled Me and, of course I love it!

To J, thank you so much for the gift cards that leave the geek reader in Me fully engaged!  As you know, Mistress loves to learn and read.  You can tell from My Wish List that your generosity has gone a long way towards My continuing education!  ~laughs~  Remember an educated Mistress is one who can play with you in more nuanced (and wicked) ways!

I know that some people don’t understand just how lovely and intimate these phone relationships can get.  I didn’t get it when I began this career as you can see from My description of My first phone sex call.  I count Myself as very lucky to be here with you.  Yes, the Women of LDW are the best …. partly because you, our callers, are the best!

While I had a wonderful extended vacation recently, I must admit that I missed you as much as you missed Me!   Thank you again to all of you!  Now, back to our regularly scheduled programming of cock control and crossdressing tips!  ~smiles~

~kisses and more~

Ms Olivia