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I have several callers who adore the rush of a delicately placed mindfuck.  This is where the sensations are way more than just physical …. the center of erotic arousal is primarily in the mind (such a terrible thing to waste, eh?).

I’m thinking of this right now because the stroker addict called last night.  He also very much enjoys the *rush* of being publicly exposed during his sessions.  Sooooo …. during our call I posted a poll on Enchantrix Empire asking if he should be allowed to cum.  ~laughs~

My origin of the wicked sensual mindfuck

Want to know what the secret is?  Hope.  This Experienced Mistress uses hope in an interesting way during a mindfuck.  Think back to the ancient *myth* of Pandora’s box.  Pandora is created as a beautiful and talented Woman for pleasure and companionship.  She is naturally curious when Jupiter’s messenger shows up with a mysterious container (some say box, some say jar).

Erotic story with a zinger

The mindfuck is a yummy erotic story with barbs that throw you around the emotional rollercoaster.  Just like in Pandora’s time.  Life is grand for the ancients.  Until …. the lovely Pandora opens the box and unwittingly unleashes the *evils* on mankind (pain, fear, suffering, etc.).  She is shocked by the sounds outrage as the evils take their toll on her companions so Pandora seals up the box.  Is that the end?  No.  Pandora hears a sweet voice calling to her from inside the box …. a voice that offers, well, HOPE.  So, she opens up the vessel and out comes the last evil … HOPE.  Personally, I think that event describes the beginning of the erotic mindfuck.  ~laughs~

How to do a mindfuck?

Some of the actual techniques of humiliation are, of course, similar between various Mistresses.    Many of the words of cock control are necessarily the same.  But there is an ART to erotic humiliation and the mindfuck is the ultimate in sensual (and wicked) Femdom.   Just like with other art forms — Picasso and Titian used the ‘same’ paint but produced very different types of images.

Use of hope during a tease and denial session

Cock tease and denial sessions via phone sex require a vivid imagination, effective understanding of language, intuition about the caller and more.  What constitutes *more* depends on the caller …. it is personal, intimate, edgy and intense …. this is where I use HOPE as a double edged sword.

One caller describes his mindfuck

Here’s how one recent caller describes his conversation with Me:  “I was in a state I’ve never been in after the call.  Unlike any other experience I’ve ever had.  Somehow you managed to get it very different.  Being sent back to dispatch was the same but totally different.  Very humiliating and exciting at the same time.  I haven’t thought of anything but you since the call ended.  Waiting for you nonstop.  Waiting to see when you sign in.  Checking the sites to see when you sign in.  It’s very humiliating but I can’t stop doing it.”

This is a different sort of *rush* than an orgasm. For those that enjoy the rollercoaster of emotions in the art of erotic humiliation and/or orgasm denial a good mindfuck  stays with you longer than le petit mort.

How does this post make you feel?  What are you thoughts?

*wink*  Are you ready for HOPE?  ~laughs~

Ms Olivia