Ohhhhh the panty tease

Listen to me read you this panty tease blog post

One of the things I love about warm weather is the flirty, sexy, feminine clothes that are just right for an innocent little panty tease from a sensual woman.  This is where I exert my feminine power over you in the most sensual kind of way.  It’s not overt or heavy-handed.  I am flirty and sexy … and fully aware of what I’m doing to you.  Playing with my seductive power will make my pretty panties wet.  The juxtaposition of my erotic power and the innocence about your predicament is thrilling … to ME, and I know, to YOU too.

What about your predicament?

~laughs~  Well, I’m simply a little flirty, a little naughty, and I ask you very innocent questions.  Questions that make you so hard.  OH OH!  Did I do THAT to you?  ~grinz~ Oh MY!  Let me give you an example of how this might go:

Can you see a bit of my panty?

Hi, sweetie, do you think this skirt is too short?  What about now, if I bend over, just a little, can you see my panties?  I’m going to move around a bit; I need you to tell me when you can see my panties.  OH!  Can you see them now?  Really?  How much of my panties can you see?  Oh MY!  Does seeing the lacy, sexy bit of fabric make you squirm?  Hmmmmm?  Does it?  Oh my, you’re squirming right now.  Do my questions make you … uncomfortable?  Okay, what about NOW.  If I move right, like this.  Is that better?  OH, you can still peek up my skirt?  OH MY!  You are looking right at that silky fabric right between my thighs.  Does this pose make it even harder for you to get …. comfortable?

Okay, I’ll admit it, I do love to tease you with my sexy panties … just the tease though because you know you don’t have permission for anything else.  Awwww, I’m sure you’ll get comfy eventually!

Your Experienced Mistress,

Ms Olivia