Sometimes …. Life, and all the *stuff* that goes with it, is not so soft … not so gentle …. Tenderness goes by the wayside when faced with the yearnings for release … this is the Poetry of Hardcore.

Fuck. What a wonderful, multipurpose word. An exclamation of:

Suprise, Fuck!

Indignation, Fuck!

Intensity, Fuuuuuucccccckkkkkk…

Perhaps you thought I was mellowing with all the tender affection of recent postings. Perhaps you thought wrong. I woke up in the middle of the night with one phrase bouncing around in my brain …

Fuck you.

What a luscious little phrase.

“As Always, Fuck You!” is the signature ending of every blog entry by Mistress Elizabeth.

Fuck You is the focus of an entire website with a quirky post-modern take on this whole *culture*.

It is the tender and intimate expression of the ‘something’ poets seek to touch, name and feel. Hardcore Poets, Nine Inch Nails, uses the phrase “I want to fuck you like an animal” to hide love in plain view on the song, Closer.

In my current incarnation as a phone sex operator I say Fuck a lot.

Sissies love to hear Me say, “I will fuck you with My strapon ….” Crossdressers, even those brand new to the fetish, certainly understand when I say, “Girl, don’t fuck up that look with cheap-ass mascara.”

Vanilla callers with a fun erotic roleplay scene can quite rightly savor a strategically placed, “ohhhh, fuck me now.”

While those of you craving sexual humiliation will simply thrill to the dulcet sounds of “you are clearly a pindicked little fucker.”

And, for your holiday shopping pleasure there is even a book called, aptly, Fuck This Book …. this is a very funny collection of real public signs that have been altered by a ‘fuck’ sticker …. where we can find exhortations like: “Caution: do not FUCK on, or or around this container. Oh My! I even put the book on My Wish List.

Of course, this item is not recommended for those self-righteous hypocrites who arrange their so-called moral indignation as window displays … selling the spirituality of condemnation in this high octane culture. I now travel inside the gated community of Hardcore Poetry where We keep out those who are …. <the worst criticism ever> …. BORING.

So….in the words of NIN, “You can have my isolation, you can have the hate that it brings ….” I’ll take the community of people who are playful enough to roll around in the muck with that delightful word …. FUCK.

Olivia ….. 1-800-356-6169