CFNM means clothed female naked male

Listen to the CFNM tease audio.

I own the company.  You are coming in for a job interview, CFNM style.  This interview will be for a very special position with my company.  If you are hired, you will be my special assistant.  The vetting process determines just how special you will be.

I know you masturbate at work.  That’s why I bring you in at the end of the day.  You walk in and I say, “You look nervous.  I think you will get even more nervous when you hear about the job requirements.”

Take off your clothes

I smile at you and say, “Take off your clothes.”  You look at me like you can’t believe I just said that.  After all, I am standing there, hands smoothing down my crushed silk pencil skirt.  My nipples harden and begin to poke through my bra and the sheer fabric of my blouse.  I cock my head to one side and arch my eyebrow.  “Well,” I say, “Do you want the job or not?  Take off your clothes.”

Domination of the naked man

It’s such a pleasure to have you standing there: naked, trembling, embarrassed and …. oh yes … getting very, very hard.  I smile at you.  I know I have the right man, the right submissive.  “I can’t wait to see what you will do during our job interview,” I say to you.

What happens next?

Ahhhh, I know what happens … want me to tell you?

Your Experienced Mistress,

Ms Olivia