I love listening to you cum (or begging to be allowed to have an orgasm). That’s why I have to tell you about the huge cum shot from the other day.  He ended up panting, gasping and almost yelling,

Before I tell you about what happened, his type of reaction usually happens when there is a  relationship between us. Things might start out only sexual but when we “click” it can get very close and intimate. This always makes the sex better.

We don’t want to settle for “better sex” – we want amazing sex!  If you’re a fan of our BDSM podcast, The Weekly Hot Spot, then you know that my kinky co-host Ms Erika and I are serious about erotic pleasure. 

Ms Erika has great twitter polls to find out more about YOU.  We ask questions and then talk about it, like we did on a podcast episode called How to Choose a Great Femdom Mistress.

Sadly, experience only got 13% of the votes … and my blog is “experienced mistress.” Should I rename this blog? Something along the lines of: SkankyAssSexyPictures.com.  No?  Okayyyyyy. I’m joking because we all know experience is important.  Still. 

Sense of humor is sexy

This leads me to Lexi’s choices.  Her top 2 are intelligence and sense or humor.  Personally I think she picked these because she is super smart and sexy funny (as opposed to goofy funny). You can listen to this episode of The Weekly Hot Spot on Spotify or wherever you listen to your podcasts.

Back to that huge cum shot

Do you cum more when you haven’t had an explosive orgasm in a while? Even for those who don’t want to consider being in chastity, any tease and denial session is always better than the “stroke and cum as fast as you can” type of masturbation.

There’s a reason why a cum shot is called the money shot. This caller told me about his money shot!

“I have this chair in my room that I’m sitting on. 

My shorts were pulled down and I had my cock out stroking.  

My shirt is pulled up and normally I shoot on my stomach.

I came so hard I shot cum on my shoulder and even on the wall!

It’s all over the place!”

What is your most intense sexual experience? What happened? How did you feel?  Do you fantasize about it today?  I want to know everything!

Your Experienced Mistress,

Ms Olivia