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I got the absolute best email recently!

I love what I do and I am really good.   I don’t take Myself particularly seriously (as you can tell in this Mistress Interview).   I do take your pleasure VERY seriously!

When I get an email or Mistress review that is positive (or glowing) I’ll admit, I am sooooo happy!  I love the feedback!

His email to the Experienced Mistress:

“I just wanted to write a quick note to thank you for the most erotically explosive … roleplay i have ever experienced.  The … scenarios you so creatively spin for me is always nothing short of inspired.  Your imagination and your ability to hone in on exactly what drives me insane is incredible.  I can still hear your mesmerizing voice as you vividly describe …. and the detail of the sheer agony i felt by you … has kept me hugely aroused sinced i hung up the phone with you.

I also wish to sincerely thank you for your personal touch.  I have actually never discussed my … fetish in any personal relationship i have ever had so i truly appreciate your openess and complete ease with which i am able to talk with you about my … obsession.”

Thank you for that comment you dear man!  I love the nuances of power exchange cock control and the Dominance submission play that is as individual as you are!

I also really appreciate that YOU appreciate the time, energy and learning I put into this.  Yes, it is fun and sexy AND I really work at learning everything I possibly can about everything that can help Me with this!  That means psychology, physiology, neurobiology, art, literature, sociology, sports, current events, kink, business, ….well, pretty much everything.  ~laughs~  There’s a lot more to this than the moan and groan stereotype of phone sex.  Which is one reason why I’m very clear that  My time is worth your money.

So, for other readers, let Me show you some ways to find the perfect phone companion for you.

Exclusive phone sex Live Help desk

I don’t know of another phone sex company that has a Cock Concierge to match you up with several Mistress recommendations tailored to your specific needs, fantasies and fetishes.  If you haven’t met these lovely ladies, you should.  They and I work very hard to make sure I can answer your question, “Will she understand my fantasy?”

If for some reason you don’t ‘match up’ with the woman you call, we do have a satisfaction guarantee where you don’t pay for calls you don’t enjoy.  Just call back immediately (within 30 minutes) of your original call and talk with the Dispatcher.

There are other ways to help you choose.  Our adult social networking site, Enchantrix Empire, allows you to interact with the Mistresses in a sexy, fun and casual way.  You can get to know her through posts and comments and interaction.

If you have questions for Me, the best thing to do is to post them here on the blog and I will answer on the blog.  I will also answer reasonable amounts of emails in between sessions.  If you’d like My undivided, explicit and immediate attention on email or texting, just send an email and I’ll tell you how to make that happen.  My email is olivia AT enchantrixempire.com.