What do you wish?

For some, it’s what do you wish FOR ….. for some CrossDressers maybe it’s the perfect pair of size 13 open toe pumps that are actually comfortable …. for some men into tease and denial it would be the perfect amount of No, No, No. …. for those who love the art of masturbation it could be the extact right combo of friction and fiction that really brings a delightful explosion.

For Me …. I DO have a Wish.

I just don’t know how to say this in a blog about phone sex without sounding really cheesy.  Hmmmmm ….. I remember some pretty *out there* blog posts …. so maybe I ought not worry too much about cheesy.  Still, I sometimes get caught up in the fantasy and need to be dragged back to the reality that I’m a phone sex operator …. and despite that I’m going to go with my heart and right now I’m feeling …. well, contented and happy ….. having just a bit of a Hallmark moment.  🙂

So I have a Wish.  And, my wish for YOU is that you get, find, realize, enjoy, savor and/or all of the above a Wish of your own.  It often seems to me that the more technical toys we get to keep us in touch …. the farther apart we get from real connections.  I still don’t know what to make of the fact that I often find more *real connection* on a phone sex line than in *reality* …. So here’s to a New Year filled with a Wish for us all …. for Joy or Excitement or Adventure or Connection or whatever you need.

Olivia          1-800-356-6169