Have I told y’all recently that you DELIGHT me?  I just got this email from a guy who also enjoys Tom Lehrer and he says he’s afraid to call Me because he just knows we’ll get to laughing and never get around to the phone sex !! Now, some ‘erotic entertainers’ might think that’s an odd comment but I LOVED that !…..Actually here where I now live …. this guy came by and said he noticed I was laughing and carrying on  … he asked if I was *really* doing Fetish Phone Sex.  Yes I said, and we BOTH (the caller and I) have a damn good time with it.  He laughed at that.

So…..here’s to all of YOU ….. the ones who make me LAUGH !!!

the ones who make me THINK !!!!!

the ones who make me *sigh* with contentment !!!!!

I do enjoy YOU ….. and I figure if you enjoy Me even part as much as I enjoy YOU ….. then, well …… here’s the beginning of a present for you …… **PRESENT**

I do generally take stock of my life during the last weeks of the year …. and this year as I take stock one of the things I’m grateful for is My time here at LDW ….. and getting to know all your fabulous and sexy CrossDressers …. the amazing camera displays ! …. all the fun, excitement and, of course, the laughter.

During the next week I’ll have abreviated hours but you can always get me via email at empress.olivia@yahoo.com ….. I will be on the phones during the early morning hours (eastern standard time) …. so if we don’t *hook up* during the holiday …. I hope you and yours have a FANTASTIC holiday…..filled with ….. hmmmmmmm, laughter.


Oh yeah, CALL ME …. 1-800-356-6169