Mature Mistress

Are you looking for someone with experience? Experience can be everything from various sexual exploits, specific knowledge from BDSM or kink play, understanding of feminization and delight in sissy training, and, of course, wisdom that comes from living a full life. I’m a Mature Mistress meaning you get someone with skills, insights and the life experiences to back up whatever we are talking about.

What others say about this Mature Mistress

One caller said it this way, “ I’ve spent time with online sex coaches who have not been nearly as insightful, honest, informative, or educational as you.” That makes me really happy to hear that.  While I’m not a therapist, I know talking with someone who is non-judgmental, equally kinky and genuinely interested in your wellbeing can make all the difference in the world. To read more reviews, click on the Reviews tab here on my personal blog or the main site for our phone sex reviews.

While I am a Femdom with real-life experience in the BDSM, kink and fetish scene we don’t have to only talk about kinky topics.  I’m not submissive but I do love vanilla types of calls that don’t involve any power exchange. If you’re new to or curious about BDSM, ask me anything!  I can help you figure out the in person scene or thrill you with my Distance Domination skills.  

Click on the sexy audios and podcast tab and you can listen to the BDSM kink podcast I do with my friend Ms Erika.  There are lots of topics and you’ll get a sense of my style, etc. If you have a question or a topic suggestion for The Weekly Hot Spot podcast, feel free to send me an email to olivia @

When you’re ready for your session please know that our time together is precious. You get my undivided attention.  I listen carefully to what you’re saying and not saying.  Your session will be individual and personal — this is not fake moan and groan phone sex. Our relationship is real and as intimate as you feel comfortable being with me.  Distance domination is all about power exchange and that works really well on the phone or on a Skype call.

How to connect with me

Warm up for your phone sex call with me in all sorts of ways.  Enjoy the sexy photos on Experienced Mistress Olivia on tumblr.

Email and Skype are the best ways to get my immediate attention before or after your call.

My email is:  olivia AT


Twitter:  @MistressOlivia1

I encourage pre-call and out of session contact. I just want to caution you that this is different from a session. If you’re trying to ‘get to know me’ on IM you won’t get a real sense of what is possible because I’m multi-tasking. You will also be left hanging because someone else gets a session before you did. When I get a session, I will stop IMing. That’s frustrating for both of us.

I’m able to multi-task, sure, but if you want the best I have to offer, then you will allow me to focus fully on you. I can’t focus on YOU when I have others chatting about various other topics, lining up a session, etc. I know that you will not experience the best of me because of that lack of focus.

Cruise through my blog posts and leave me comments. I get a comment alert in my email so I see your comments quickly and will often answer right away.

Gifts, Tips, and Tributes

I love surprises! To leave a Virtual Bouquet, just tell the Dispatcher that you would like to leave a virtual bouquet for Olivia; the Dispatcher will handle the rest and it comes right to me.  I’ll tell you what I get with your gift.