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What callers are saying about Ms Olivia

Here’s s short but sweet comment that sums up who I am with you:

“She is more than just a pretty voice on the phone.”

Another caller has this to say:  My thanks to Olivia to giving me a unique experience that assuaged needs that have few – or maybe no other – outlets in my life. To carry on her own metaphor, she hits a home run every time!”

More than just a call – you have an experience

This callers says:  “Ms. Olivia is the second mistress that I have called in recent history. She exceeded my expectations and gave me a very memorable experience that I will cherish for some time. Not only did she give me exactly the experience I asked for, she improvised perfectly and surprised me with things I would not have thought of but that were extremely endearing.”

Mistress respects and cares about YOU

This caller says:  “Olivia really is special and I really enjoy the trust we’ve built up. She is smart and funny, and although she is beautiful in her photos, it is her personality and mind that maker her so special. I look forward to future calls with her, but appreciate she never tries to ”upsell” for more time. None of the LDW mistresses I’ve spoken to have done that, and it bears mentioning.

YOUR boundaries are just as important as Mistress boundaries

This is a relationship, it’s not one sided.  That means, like the previous caller mentioned, I’m not ever going to “stretch” your call.  If you’re on a budget, I can *fit* most fantasies or conversation into any amount of time.  I know that you have a life outside of our time together and I respect your limits and your privacy. When we’re together, please know that you’re getting much more than that time itself.  Here’s what you pay for with phone sex.

More than just a call for Mistress

“Olivia is so far my favorite mistress I have spoken with. I feel as though she genuinely enjoys what she does. The excitement between us was like no other experience I have ever had before. You can be sure I will call again.”

I’ve done a lot of blogging and now have 6 blogs.  You can tell that I enjoy a wide variety of calls, kinks and erotic experiences.  It’s more than sex for most of you and I know that … it’s the connection we have and that takes time, skill, expertise and more (inside and outside of our actual session time together).  Here is a caller review about this:

I really LOVE the undivided erotic attention that Ms. Olivia gives me; listening to my fantasies and figuring out what makes me tick. She’s written on her blog that she likes giving “therapy with a happy ending” and after my call with her i felt so happy and satisfied, both sexually and otherwise.

Thank you Ms. Olivia!!

Variety is the spice of life and erotic pleasure

I do lots of types of calls and each person is unique.  During the scene or erotic roleplay you might want to need a wicked or mean Mistress.  Don’t be fooled by my polite demeanor outside of our session, I can be a hardcore Dominatrix skilled in wicked fetish play.  Can a sensual Mistress also be very … ahem …. firm?  ~laughs~  You can browse through some posts and audios on my blog The Pain Mistress and decide for yourself.  I also point out that Mistress does not mean bitch!

Thrill of erotic humiliation

We both know that erotic humiliation is an art.  Done right, it’s amazing for those into that experience.  Even if you love sexual humiliation, if it’s done WRONG then it sucks (and not in a good way!).  Here’s what one caller has to say about the abilities of the Experienced Mistress:

OMG, my hands are still trembling from the session I had with Ms. Olivia. Perhaps it may have been the BEST everrrr. I feel wonderful and Olivia is such an exquisite humiliatrix.

She is wonderful. Her laughter is still ringing in my ears.

Hear Mistress laughter

Can you imagine hearing me laugh at YOU?  ~grinz~  Here’s a sample in this audio tease of Olivia laughter.

I’ll post more reviews and my comments about the reviews.  To read ALL my reviews, there’s a page, Olivia Reviews on the Daily Cock blog.  If you’d like to LEAVE a review I would appreciate it.

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