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4 things to know about a small penis

So, you have a small penis — what now? Listen to me talk about your small penis in this audio. Here are some things you need to know.  There a big difference in your life if you have a small penis.  I bet you’ve already experienced some of these things — your embarrassment and . . . → Read More: 4 things to know about a small penis

Power exchange and humiliation by Mistress

Many ways to experience power exchange

Listen to me talk to you about power dynamics in a D/s relationship.

In any relationship between Dominant and submissive, there are all sorts of ways for you to experience power exchange.  I use my personal Mistress style to help you test out things to find out what . . . → Read More: Power exchange and humiliation by Mistress

Mistress: sissy humiliation

Sissy humiliation: I love laughing 

Listen to me laugh in this sissy humiliation audio.

Are you a sexual loser ??  Are you a panty obsessed chronic masturbator?  I know there are a LOT of panty obsessed wankers.  ~laughs~   The sissy loser gets excited about feeling women’s underwear against that shrimpy dicklet.  I tell my . . . → Read More: Mistress: sissy humiliation

sissy test

Sissy thoughts

Listen to Mistress read you this sissy blog post.

Did you always know you were meant to be a sissy?  ~nods~  I know!  For a really long time you’ve sort of had these thoughts.  Here’s an example, you see a beautiful woman and you want to get in her panties … but . . . → Read More: sissy test

Cock control on cam

I love watching you stroke for me!

On Cam for Mistress

Do you like to be on cam while Mistress watches you?  You’re in luck, because this Mistress loves to watch you!  ~smiles~  Sometimes this is an added thrill to a CFNM or exhibitionist scene and sometimes this is because you enjoy the zing . . . → Read More: Cock control on cam