Mistress Schedule 2023

2023 Mistress Schedule:

Confession time: I don’t keep exact hours or days but I do have a general Mistress schedule.  Here’s when you’ll find me:

Daytime until early evening eastern US timezone.

My start time can be as early as 6 am and end time is generally about 6 pm.

During baseball season, I leave before the games start but after the season, I can easily set up a later session or stay later for you.

The best way to get a session is to look on this blog – if you see I’m green / available then please call!

If you see a yellow “on the phone” icon that means I’m currently in a session.

You can ask when I’ll be available, set up a call or make an appointment; just send an email to olivia @ enchantrixempire.com.  When I’m here I will send a brief response right away or as soon as I can.


I love appointments and will reserve time for sessions that are 60 minutes or longer. Like everything, this is flexible so if you have a request, just send an email and if I can set it up with you, I will!

One very important note, I will wait 10 minutes and then consider that a missed appointment.  Those who miss an appointment lose the option of getting an appointment.

Contact Mistress

email:  olivia @ EnchantrixEmpire.com

Olivia on Skype:

Feel free to send me a friend request on Skype. We can text a bit before and between our sessions.

I’m excited to meet you, get to know you and then have fun with you!